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There are many healthy benefits of feeding Live Aquatic fish food :

Live Daphnia pulexa and Live Marine Shrimp are small crustacean, which are great to use as a fresh food because they will exist in the tank water, until eaten by the fish. Live Fish food will improve vigor, color and more closely resemble the food found in the fish's natural habitat, and full of good vital nutrients, packed with protein.

Daphnia " Water Fleas" are filter feeders and can be very beneficial in ponds and aquariums as they help to clear green water, as well as providing a tasty meal for all freshwater fish.

Daphnia are small, planktonic crustaceans, between 0.2 and 5 mm in length. Daphnia are members of the order Cladocera, and are one of the several small aquatic crustaceans commonly called water fleas because of their salutatory swimming style (although fleas are insects and thus only very distantly related). They live in various aquatic environments

Fatal Attraction! Shrimps and Daphnia's twitching motions in the water say “eat me” to any fish that gets close.

All Live river shrimp are caught and Quarantined before they are dispatched, we courier them in a poly box packed with ice pack and available for shipping monday to thursday.

Live River Shrimp, Fish food suitable to feed all Marine Fish including Lion fish, Frogfish, Groupers and other predatory fish. River Shrimp are a great way to get larger freshwater or marine fish to feed.

Available to UK customers only.

Keeping river shrimp until you need them: To store your river shrimp you must remove the shrimp from the bag they arrived in immediately. Use an old salt bucket if you have one. River shrimp like very cold water but not freezing Or you can drain the shrimps through a net then put them in a container and freeze them , and use them as frozen food.

The salinity should be 1.008 - 1.012 Brackish water made with RO or Tap water and marine salt.:  GH (general hardness) 120 to 180 ppm/mg/L :  KH (Carbonate Hardness) 180 to 240 ppm/mg/L : PH  8.5 to 9.0 ppm : NO2 Nitrite 0.5 ppm : NO3 Nitrate 2.0 ppm

 Have plenty of air circulation and filtration in the holding vessel at all times. If no filtration is used then carry out a 50% water change every 2-3 days. Do not use water softeners of any description.You can feed them with algae pellets, tabs or flakes. 

Please Note NOT For Human Consumption



All Live fish foods come with this handy Reusable or Resalable Poly Box to keep Them Cool .


Close Up Picture of Shrimps


Quarantine Holding Tank For Shrimps

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Live River Shrimps 

Live Bloodworms

Live Daphnia  


We are based in Essex and offer a Monday to Saturday Reliable all year round delivery service. We deliver around Essex, Hertford, and London (outside the congestion charge zone) but will go further for larger orders.

All Live Daphnia and River Shrimps are collected by us, and purged of any impurities before sale!!

Family established for more than 40 years.

For Large Trade Orders Of River Shrimps Min 25 Bags @ £10.00 Per Bag Delivered Home Counties only. Delivery charges apply outside areas Phone for Details



Live Daphnia is supplied in a large bags Click here (See Picture) pumped with Oxygen to keep alive and fresh, £10.00 per bag Discount for Larger Orders.

Courier Delivery £17.00 including poly box

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Large Bags Live Daphnia
Please Provide Contact Number


 Pre-Pack (Small) live bags Of daphnia Or blood worms For Trade

(See Picture) 0.40p per bag , 40 bags (or mix 20 Daphnia 20 Bloodworm) £16.00

Courier Delivery £17.00 including poly box

Prepack Live Daphnia / Bloodworms
Please Provide Contact Number


Pre-Pack (Small) live bags Of daphnia Or blood worms

Smaller Orders For Our Retail Customers. £6.00 For 1st class Post and Packaging

Prepack Live Daphnia / Bloodworms
Please Provide Contact Number


Best Live food for Marine fish Live River Shrimps (marine) From £10.00 per Bag (approximate measured quantities 350 to 500+ shrimps Depending on size) (See Picture) Courier Delivery £17.00 including Ice Pack And Poly box

Please Provide Contact Number


Dry weight live blood worms £35.00 per  Kilo we Can Courier these at £17.00 including poly box any were in the uk


Please Provide Contact Number


Please Include Phone Number For Courier

All Orders are usually dispatch For next day delivery subject to stock levels, I will email you to confirm delivery date. Please ensure you provide an appropriate day-time delivery address and contact telephone number. You need to be in to receive the order, and all live fish foods need to be released into suitable containers PLEASE Keep very cool

Ensure the signed note can be taken by the courier for their records.


We Accept Paypal Or Cash on delivery

UK ORDERS ONLY Trade and Public

Please Note we cannot  guarantee the delivery, As this is out of our control and the courier will not insure live animals, but we seldom have any problems especially in the cooler months. 

There is an alternative I have been asked to meet customers at Woodford mainline train station, Snakes Lane Woodford Green Essex  IG8


I may go further for larger orders , If this suits you please give me a ring!!  07944944772


Phone:- Steve 07944 944772

Pay Pal Payment to:

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